Cycas Hospitality

Cycas Hospitality is an award-winning hotel management company on a mission to make its hotels the best places to work, as well as, to stay across Europe.

Founded in 2008, by Cycas Capital with Tiboud Vorfeld and John Wagner, together with Parton Capital, Cycas Hospitality initially pioneered the branded extended-stay hotel market in Europe, becoming a leading player in this sector. Thereafter the company developed into an all-round hotel operating company, with an annually compounded growth rate of 38%.

The company mission is “to please people and spread happiness”. This is done by providing a service that exceeds the expectations of everyone involved and creating a unique working environment for its staff. As such Cycas Hospitality was named The Best Employer in British hospitality sector in 2018.

Since 2017 Cycas Hospitality partnered with Huakee Group, a Thai family-owned conglomerate which also owns and operates several hotels in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Huakee took over the majority share in the company in early 2020 to act as a capital partner, growing Cycas Hospitality across Europe.