Strategy Analysis

We develop alternative finance strategies to meet the needs of the property and capital markets, as well as having viable sustainable strategies. This is done in the process of analysing and advising on risk-return scenarios of projects, capital structures and investment strategies.

In the process of bridging the gap between vision and feasible implementation, we change focus; from quantity to quality, from competition to collaboration and from dominating nature to working with nature. As such, we formulate concrete proposals on how to improve the triple bottom line performance of the underlying investments.

Capital & Debt Advisory

We advise clients on bridging the gap between opportunities and capital markets, working with a bespoke selection of providers of senior debt, mezzanine, and equity finance throughout Europe.

In this process we can originate and structure, equity, senior and mezzanine debt financing to make acquisitions, developments and refinancing feasible.

When managing (re)financing processes we handle, deal analyses, the coordination of all loan application documents, coordinating third-party advice, managing the closing, etc.

Fund Structuring & Partnerships

We support entrepreneurs, investment managers and investors in structuring investment funds, partnerships, and joint ventures.

As such we provide advice on (financial) restructuring of the funds and develops and implements methods to optimize financial and impact performance.

We can manage the process from initial idea to reviewing and negotiating the relevant documentation. For this process we deploy tailor-made teams based on the unique requirements of each assignment.